Regular Paper Shredding

One-Off Collection Service

If you don’t need our secure sacks and would prefer to use your own storage we can always collect your documents to securely shred them in our own facility.

How does the service work?

When companies carry out archive paperwork culls they often have these documents stored in archive boxes for stacking, protection and general convenience. Furthermore these boxes are often labelled, which can make them confidential, and so are of little use for future storage. In these circumstances it is often more convenient to send the entire box or other container / sack for confidential destruction and recycling. Reef Environmental can collect these boxes loose or on pallets depending on the quantity and what is most appropriate. We collect from a few boxes up to artic lorry loads.

As an additional service we can also return archive boxes to customers if they prefer, for future use.
We are also always happy to collect customers own sacks of confidential waste and our operatives will then still seal them with our uniquely numbered security tags on arrival at your premises.

On the agreed collection day, our security screened and uniformed staff will arrive on site and then will record the quantities collected and on our electronic devices. The confidential documents will be loaded into our secure vehicle which is GPS tracked at all times. The boxes or sacks are then taken back to our secure premises where the documents will be security shredded and then baled for recycling. You will then be emailed a Certificate of Destruction.

What are the benefits?

  • 100% Safe Solution
  • Flexible Service for one off or regular collections
  • No need to repack documents into sacks
  • Customers own archive boxes can be returned
  • User friendly
  • Quick response time
  • Emergency call out service available