Regular Paper Shredding

Secure Office Consoles

Our Secure Office Consoles are a great solution for an office environment where space is at a premium and there are multiple members of staff who all generate confidential documents for secure paper shredding.

Secure office consoles for confidential paper shredding from Reef Environmental

The Consoles are a locked wooden cabinet with a slot in the front into which secure documents can be posted.

Each Console has a key lock on the front of it and inside is a fabric, pull chord, sack that our staff remove and exchange with an empty one. The full sack is then secured with a tag and is recorded on our operatives handheld device and can be tracked all the way to final destruction. Many Data Protection Officers insist on these particular containers as by nature they are static and not easily moved ensuring a secure solution.

We provide our Secure Office Consoles on a scheduled collection basis of either weekly, fortnightly or four weekly to suit our customers individual requirements. The cabinets are a smart edition to any office and can be used as an additional workspace for printers etc. Each Secure Office Console measures 50cm (W) x 90cm (H) x 50cm (D)

How does the service work?

We deliver the Secure Office Console(s) to your premises where they are placed in in convenient location(s) to suit your staff. It is important that they are placed close to the users as this encourages maximum use which ensures all documents are captured and data breaches prevented. On the agreed collection day, our security screened and uniformed staff will go to the Console(s), unlock the door, remove the full sack and place a security tag on it before putting a new sack back inside and locking the door. The full sack(s) will then be recorded on our electronic devices and then be placed in our secure vehicle which is GPS tracked at all times. The sacks are then taken back to our secure premises where the documents will be security shredded and then baled for recycling. You will then be emailed a Certificate of Destruction which will include the date of destruction.

If you would prefer to exchange full console sacks with your own staff then we can provide a central container for these and we would simply take the full sacks and leave the same number of sacks and tags in exchange on each visit.

What are the benefits?

  • Securely locked at all times (Key supplied to you for emergencies)
  • Static container which cannot be wheeled away
  • Match existing office furniture and can be used as additional workspace for printers etc
  • User friendly
  • Flexible service – collection frequency from daily to 4 weekly
  • Additional Consoles can be delivered to suit the growing